Sunday, March 3, 2013

Xbox: The Walking Dead- Episode 4

Lee and Molly

The Walking Dead- Episode 4
XBOX Retail & Arcada
Genre: Action- RPG

Price: 400XP for Aracde $30 for Retail
Duration: Episode Four took about 3 hours
Achievement Worth: 100g
Achievement Count: 8
My Play: Episode One thru Four-  Complete
OK so I am out of the hospsital and got some playing done!
Episode 4 is by far the longest episode yet, nothing really exciting happens yet you stay insterested.
You run into some new people and some more walkers, do some seaching and have some close calls.
Ben finally comes clean with Kenny... 
Clem show's more of her perosonality which is awesome and something BIG happens to Lee!
So I am not really sure what to put in and to leave out on the episode... its long with alot of less appealing excitment.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Xbox:The Walking Dead -Episode 3


The Walking Dead- Episode 3

XBOX Retail & Arcada
Genre: Action- RPG
Price: 400XP for Aracde $30 for Retail
Duration: Episode Three took about 3 hours
Achievement Worth: 100g
Achievement Count: 8
My Play: Episode One and Two Complete

Ok so it took me awhile to get back to the game, life got in the way!!! It has a habit of doing that!!!
So onward to the episode 3, alot happened in the few short chapters! Everything comes to a head with Lilly who after the death of her father descended into a dark and malice place. But everything finds a end, you get a surpise in the last moments in dealing with her. The option to bring her along as your group moves along or leave her (in which I did) along the side of the road.
Before you make that decision you have a one heck of a shoot out at the Travler's Inn with th e bandits for episode 2. Now this took me a LONG time to understand how it would work. It would seem as a member of your group as been feeding the bandits some of your suppiles. And when they dont get their last supply they come looking for it.
So you get this odd shoot out behind the RV, killing walkers from both sides. Easiler said than done. The base of the shoot out is move left to right to kill the on coming of walkers, but I suggest taking out the right side first. The right is more heavy on the in coming.
Once in the RV and on the move Lilly will start on her last command as group leader. After a few minutes Kenny will run over a walker thus stopping where Lilly comments her last sin within your group.
It is shortly after that there is a problem with Duck, a problem that you will had to end. Along the way you find this awesome Train!! Now after looking around the train and friguring out the controls (remember what Clementine was doing at the Inn)!! You come across Chuck, now for a homeless guy he is a nice rounded guy. Though he does open your eyes alittle when thinking about Clementine.
Sometime later after you help Kenny with Kat and Duck your moving down the train track smoothly and you inplent the suggesting Chuck gave you. Cut Clem's hair and show her how to shoot, do this by aiming her shoot up or down then left or right.
Suddenly the train stops when your group comes to a underpass, a gas tanker is dangling over it.
Meet some new would be friends and explore the train station to find something to help with you tanker problem. Careful though there are walkers within and that makes for some close calls.
My most favorite part in this episode was as you and Omid are working on the tanker Ben notices a BIG problem, not saying what but you might want to hurry.
Now I tired to blow up the tanker after it fell but either it aint possible or I wasnt quick enough! (I say the second option)
The episode ends with you and Kenny in the train cab with a sleeping Clementine, with a suddenly working walkie talkie...
Need The Walking Dead help? I suggest IGN & want achievement help a360
Achievement Lists:
Goodbye,  She Quietly Says -10g
Bad Blood -10g
Hit the Road -10g
What Now? -10g
Handle it -10g
Unexpected Delay -15g
Look Behind You -10g
Lend Me Your Ears -25g

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Xbox:Skyrim - The Stalhrim Crafter Achievement

The Skaal Village
Skyrim DLC's Dragonborn

xbox: downloadable
genre: action - rpg
price: 1200xp
achievement worth: 20g
acessable: missable


Ok so I myself missed this achievement my first play through of the DLC, so be awear that its very missable!

First make sure you do The Temple Of Miraak

That gives you the black book waking dreams, thats how you beat Miraak but dont go staright into the book! My advice forget you have it!!! Next make sure you get to the skaal village and speak to the shaman. He tells you that you need to learn the magic power word that Miraak used of the people that are building his temples around the stones!

Now this important when you go to the Wind Stone, stand back and use the shout on the stone. Watch the skaal villagers clear the stone and stand back, then take care of the Lurker that appears.Now here is the thing....


If even one dies you must reload a save point and try again. I think thats the hardest part, but really if you give them time they stand back and let take care of the lurker without coming close. Then find some side quest to do.... there is alot and I suggest working to getting the house so you have somewhere to put your items.

After aroundish 2 day in-game time head back up to the skaal village and your be greeted by two people talking at the village's enterance. Speak to the learder then to the other and your find you just actived the quest line for A New Source of Stalhrim.

And there you have it!!!

Follow the quest to its end and the blacksmith will reward you with the knowledge of how to craft with stalhrim.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Xbox:The Walking Dead- Episode 2

Lee and Clementine

The Walking Dead- Episode 2

XBOX Retail & Arcada
Genre: Action- RPG

Price:  400XP for Aracde $30 for Retail
Duration: Episode Two took about 2 hours
Achievement Worth: 100g
Achievement Count: 8
My Play: Episode One and Two Complete

So episode two was freaking awesome!!!!

You start out 3 months after episode 1 and tenisons are high between Lilly and Kenny, Food is short tempers are sky high and Clementine is missing her hat! At first missing her hat is no big thing but it will play a big part in whole episode. You find more about the walkers and how the people in the game are adepting to the changs.

Episode 2 made me jump a few times is suprise and that made me love it even more. The controls made me die more than once but that can be forgiven. But can not be forgiven is killing off Mark, I totally fell in love with him the moment the episode took off. The plot however needed him to die.

You are charged with making some choices that are two-sided and some options give you the choice of not making a choice at all, which given your other options is the best way to go. Remember that old saying your mother used to say, "If you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all!" It comes it handy when dealing with Lily or Kenny!

Your weapons change within the episode and but the object is the same, keeping Clementine safe and feed at this point!

A new character enter's your group and does nothing really, cant blame him though, he is just a high schooler but he is important in giving you key imformation about the walkers and how they come about! Its interesting since I have not seen past the first season of the tv series.

I cant really talk about the St. John's without giving any spoilors away. My dad always told me to trust your gut instinct and my first opinion of the St. John bothers was doubtful. In the end my opinion was awed! It was awesome that the creators went there in the plot, makes you wonder what people would do in real life??

This episode was more about the group than Clementine which I sort of didnt like. It's about leadership with the group and where Lee stands in all of it. Which I know will be important down the line but I want more of sweet Clementine.

All in all this episode was awesome and surpirsing!

Walking Dead help? I suggest IGN and for those achievement hunters look over at 360a


Achievement List:

Going Hungry- 10g
Conversation Killer- 10g
Thank You For Shopping- 10g
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner- 10g
To Much Salt Will Kill You- 15g
Taking Charlotte- 10g
You Fight Like A Dairy Farmer- 10g
It Ain't Stealing If You Need It- 25g

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Xbox:The Walking Dead -Episode 1

Lee and Clementine

The Walking Dead -Episode One

Genre: Action- RPG
Price: FREE (price range: Each Episode cost 400XP or $30 for the retail game)
Duration: Episode One took about 2 hours
Achievement Worth: 100g
Achievement Count: 8
My Play: Episode One Complete


Ok so I have had the first episode downloaded forever and the retail game for a bit shorter time. I am use to COD's zombies and wasnt in the mood to attempt these zombies, however after a frustrating time trying to contiune BLOODFOREGE I decided to give The Walking Dead a go....

I first must say I wasnt impressed with the display of the game. I founf myself comparing it to Borderlands. I think Telltale could have inputted a better display style for such a game.
All though it gives you the feel of being inside a comic book ( there is my dislove of the display again) the plot is amazing.

I can easily see why alot of people raved about this game...

The controls are somewhat dorky but once you get the hang of them it go's ok.

You play Lee and in the beginning I found myself wanting to know more of Lee's background, more to the point- did he commit the murder he was acused of??? You meet some interesting people in eps 1 and they can help you or impend your object, thats taking take of Clementine- who saved your life!!!

I must admit there is one character that stands out right away that you want to kill! LARRY, when you meet him he wants to kill Duck, a eightish year old boy. For me I wouldn't have minded killing him right there, (sighs) however that option is not there. It will come back to bite you in the behind as well

Other characters I was familiar with since I have indeed seen the first season of the show, but for me who hasnt had the chance to read the comic book I was surprised with the strow of characters.

My favorite has to be Clementine and Glen....

Through out eps 1 you make some hard choices and it makes a big differences in the story you play. Some will die or some you will kill and for me that makes it a great game. It does have draw backs, what game dont but besides dieing a few times to understand my next action its smooth for me. The action hub is confusing at first and frustrating but you get it working right by the end of the eps.

I must admit I have to agree with just about everyone, Clementine is by far the best little character. A little girl going through this world changing event without her parents and only one man to help her is a heart wrenching story.

I wont add spoilors but the fast built relationship between Clementine and Lee makes you forget that Lee is not her father.

I completed epsiode 1 in about 2 and half hours and Ign was a geart help in figuring out the action hub, I really needed to see it action to understand it.

All in all Epsiode 1 was a great story and somewhat ok display game!!

The Noteable's

There is no health bar or anything of the sort- in short if you get chomed your dead!
Achievements come easily- just follow the chapters in each epsiode!
Stuck? Talk to current characters, they help alittle!

Again need help I suggest


And for those Achievement hunter always check out...



Achievement List:

Out of the frying pan- 10g
Adventures in babysitting- 10g
Your in charge- 10g
Rock and a hard place- 10g
Its just one bullet- 10g
Hey, bud- 10g
Two enter, One leaves- 15g
Everything's going to be okay- 25g

Till Epsiode 2....

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Xbox:Bloodforge part 1

Genre: Action (RPG Hack & Slash)
Price: 1200XP
Duration: Short a solid 6 to 8 hours
Achievement Worth: 400
Achievement Count: 30
My play: In Progress


So ok BLOODFORGE is a rather simple (and I do mean simple) hack and slash game. It does prove to have a little bit of a plot to go along with all the blood and gore but its minor. Your character is Crom, a legendary retired warrior that has found true love and is content in the simple pleasure of being a husband and such.

One day after killing a deer (I still dont know where my deer went???) and taking a nap Crom awakens to find his village in ruins and burning to a crisp. His wife at this point is fighting off these ugly demon guys and once Crom arrvies happily runs into a burning hut. (See where this going???)

So after Crom defeated the first set of demons he runs into the burning hut to find his wife, who for all good it does dissappears. (Dont worry we find her)

So this GOD shows up (named Arawn) and Crom runs his sword throu him and in all reality the player who does this kills Crom's wife, there is no invading this play. ( never ends well for the wife does it)

So after passing out for days on end Crom awakes to find a bor trying to eat him, after dispatching of the nice creature a talking crow shows up. You talk with the crow, who turns out to be another GOD. Talking with the crow ( a GOD named Morrigan) you start down a path of blood and gore to get to Arawn...

Now thats as far as I got...

Noteable things are:

Attack buttons are X and Y
Crossbow button are B
To shift into your rage state is: LB and RB (note the on screen guide is alittle blurred and it took me dieing a couple of times to figure out it was the RB button with the LB button)

LB brings up a wheel of sorts that to me is the most confusing part of the game its like your inventory bag. You as Crom bust up shrines to get perks ( mana... health... ) and they are stash in the wheel. For me who is a gamer use to playing games that list the items under groups or such you have to find the picture you want to use.

For health its a little raindrop and one spot on the wheel can hold up to five tokens of that items. (I know I am use to Skyrim)

Anyways the hack and stash gets alittle boring after a bit but in all fairness the graphics are decent. I would go as far and say this game is under rated!!!

Sure you can tell its a under budget game and you could find better games in better packages but for the price you get what you paid for. Just remember one thing it is a arcarde game, it aint suppose to be fancy or sazzie...

So if you got a day off to burn and want to add some blood and gore (admit it there are days that you need it) into your day I do suggest giving BLOODFORGE a decent try!!!

Achievement Note: There is a hand full (4, I think) of achievements that require's a friends help (co-op) so if your interested in getting these chevo's comment below and and add me on Live or go to

Bloodforge achievements

The people on 360a are super cool and help out where they can!!!

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First Post

This is my first Blogger post.

I hope to post about my pets and my gaming though I think work will find its way in here somewere. As of yet I dont have a Google+ accound but I can be found on facebook and will supply my id on facebook should you need it???

I am nice girl with a open mind but I do have my limits so please be kind and remember you are a quest on MY blog. If it comes to it I will post and disable comments and such. I tend to speak first and think later but I also wear my heart openly.

I want to makes friends and enjoy conversations not to fight, I get enough of that in RL. We can talk about things without fighting, if not you wont be commenting anymore...

Topics you find here are as followed:

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